Strawberry Mousse Chocolate Cups


Melt 12 oz. of semi sweet chocolate.  Using either small plastic or paper cups, pour melted chocolate into cup, filling it up entirely.  Pour out excess.

NOTE:  prior to filling cups, cup a small “nick” in the top of the cup to ease peeling later.

Refrigerate cups until chocolate is firm – peel over cups and dispose.  Refrig cups until ready to use

Strawberry Mousse:

Thaw a 16 oz package of frozen strawberries in syrup.  Strain the mixture.

In a bowl, put 1 small package of strawberry gelatin.  Add 1 cup bowling water and whisk to dissolve.

Measure the strained strawberry juice into a cup – it should measure about 1 cup – if not, add cold water to make it 1 cup.

Add to gelatin, mix well, and refrigerate until syrupy.  When syrupy. beat 1 cup heavy cream until soft peaks and fold into gelatin.

Fill chocolate cups with mousse and refrigerate until set.  Decorate as you wish.


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