PEG Show Released – Bundt Cakes

Lee put together some recipes for bundt cakes so we’ve released them as an MPG file for PEG stations to use for cable access. The show is available on the PEG Media website. Also, if you can’t get it that way and really need a copy, send us an email.

The 38 minute show is made up of these segments, which you can view here or on Youtube:


PEG Media and Pumpkin Recipes

We’ve been on a roll lately. Partly because, once the equipment is set up, it’s relatively easy to shoot segments. Ooma wanted to do a couple recipes using pumpkin as we are approaching the start of the Fall season. So, we combined the two, Pumpkin Donut Holes and Pumpkin Filled Spice Cupcakes, into a single MPG release for cable stations.


Our First Two PEG Releases!

We’ve combined some of our videos into PEG releases. PEG stations, also known as cable access centers, can play our videos for their subscribers. Many Massachusetts towns have such centers and take advantage of our releases. In fact, many stations around the country have downloaded our shows.

We combined some of the shortbread recipes into one show, and some of the bars into another.

We aren’t going to post our combined shows as videos here. There’s no point since all the video recipes are already here. If you really need a copy of a show, send us an email. If you are a PEG station, you can access our shows via PEG Media.


Our New Show

OomasLogo-whitebgAfter the success of Thyme In The Kitchen, and after moving away from Spencer where that show was produced, we decided to branch out with another one of Lee’s passions – baking. So, Oomas Cookie Jar is having a remake, so to speak.

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