Video Downloads

Most of our videos go straight to Youtube. If you are clever, you can figure out how to get HD versions from there. On the other hand, they may not be adequate for your needs as Youtube transcodes to make the file sizes smaller.

We also post videos to PEG Media. This is an access center specific website where stations from all over the country can pull content. There is a small download fee. (It helps support the cost of running PEG Media.)

For local stations (think Massachusetts), we have Mass Access. There are only a few of our shows available there. We don’t know the policies for HD versus SD so we won’t be uploading until we do.

Amazon Web Services – for local stations with whom we have some personal contact, we offer time-sensitive downloads. These are free. (Well, they cost us money but it’s not much right now…so, free it is.) Use the contact menu item to request access.

…we get charged by Amazon for each bit of stored data. Video files are huge. So, we keep our newly release content available for a limited time, then the videos go into Amazon’s Glacial storage, which is cheap and really the final backup for us. We don’t ever hope to have to pull glacial content, ever. So, don’t ask us to.