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  1. Hello, I watched your YouTube video of this recipe and since there were no printed instructions, I decided to use the recipe from this website. I noticed quite a few differences in the ingredients and the measurements. Some were left out and some were wrong amounts. Both sugars were left out. Salt was a half tsp. and the video says a pinch. The amount of pecans was also off. I knew the batter was supposed to be thick, but it was extra thick, so I tasted the batter and it tasted plain and not at all sweet. I then checked back on the video and noticed the sugars were omitted. I added the sugars, but the salt was too late since I already put in the half teaspoon. So anyway it still tasted amazing! I think that since I used part tart apples and part sweet that it helped with the overage of salt. Thanks for the great recipe, I am just glad I tasted the batter before baking it. So if anyone plans to make this, follow the YouTube instructions. It is well worth the time and effort. The cream cheese filling makes it over the top tasty!

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